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An Attorney Getting Justice For Missourians Affected By Consumer Fraud

Consumer rights attorney David Corwin has gotten relief for many injured people and defrauded consumers through jury trials, bench trials and appeals. He has a proven track record of successfully recovering millions of dollars for clients. He understands the lasting impact that a financial advisor’s negligence or breach of contract can have on a client’s quality of life and future. In pursuit of justice, he brings individual cases and class actions on behalf of many who have experienced consumer fraud.

Attorney David Corwin leverages his knowledge gained over three decades of experience to pursue compensation for damages his clients have suffered due to negligence and fraud. He is ready and willing to take on the big guy or go to trial. He takes an aggressive approach to consumer fraud cases and will do what it takes to achieve his clients’ legal goals.

Righting Wrongs For Consumers

Attorney Corwin’s consumer fraud caseload includes the following types of claims:

  • Class actions for large numbers of people who have been similarly wronged by commercial entities
  • Broker and financial advisor negligence claims (representing clients before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, as well as in state and federal courts)
  • Breaches of contract

Attorney Corwin is one of just a few attorneys in the area who handle financial advisor negligence claims. FINRA is the agency through which every broker or financial advisor is licensed. No matter what type of consumer fraud case you have, attorney Corwin will apply his skills and, as needed, bring in his network of experts. He has the resources to get results for you, whether through negotiating your case or litigating on your behalf in court to recover the money you are entitled to for damages. Attorney Corwin understands that each case and client is different.

Attorney Corwin is ready to create a custom, strategic plan that incorporates your needs as well as your personal and legal goals. He will prepare your case as if it were going to trial. In this way, he will be prepared for a quick and complete response to any outcome of the initial negotiations.

Get Advice And Direction Now After Experiencing Consumer Fraud

Attorney Corwin will take the time that it takes to listen and understand your situation and goals. He will craft a custom strategic plan in pursuit of your goals while earning your trust and establishing a strong attorney-client relationship.

At Corwin Law Group, you will be known by your name. You will not be treated like a case number. Attorney Corwin will make himself accessible and available to you 24/7. He understands that your legal issues and concerns may require immediate attention. For commercial cases, clients of Corwin Law Group  put up evergreen cost retainers. To understand how the fee structure works and schedule a consultation, call the St. Louis office at 314-685-8849 or send an online message.