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Our Successes

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

$250,000 settlement (policy limits) in Kansas case for client who was passenger in car where driver swerved to avoid hitting deer on interstate.

$650,000 settlement from a trucking company for injuries sustained by clients who were riding in car that struck a tractor trailer that pulled out in front of them.

Premise Liability Cases

Confidential Franklin County settlement of wrongful death fire case.

$95,000 verdict achieved for client who slipped on ice while working.

$250,000 settlement in a Franklin County, Missouri, premises liability case in which client was struck by a vehicle while visiting defendant’s car repair shop.

$350,000 settlement in a case in which a client tripped on a hotel dance floor during a wedding reception.

$350,000 settlement where client was unloading boxes from his truck and injured shoulder because the boxes were inappropriately labeled and placed on the wrong shelf.

$800,000 settlement of Franklin County, Missouri, wrongful death case in which a gas heater exploded.

Medical Malpractice Cases

$180,000 settled a medical malpractice case involving the failure of rural county doctor to diagnose a pulmonary embolism in a 17-year-old girl.

250,000 settled a medical malpractice case involving the misdiagnosis of a 2.5-year-old child’s ankle infection against a local hospital.

$650,000 settlement in a medical malpractice case in which a surgeon negligently cut a major artery during a hernia repair.

Other Motor Vehicle, Personal Injury and Product Liability Cases

Confidential settlement involving claims against high school students of bullying and personal injury.

$110,000 obtained judgment following jury trial in Gasconade County for the infliction of emotional distress committed by reckless surgeon who stuck client nurse with a dirty needle in the operating room.  Believed to be the largest verdict in Gasconade County up to that point.

$500,000 settlement of Phelps County, Missouri, product liability case in which a construction machine ran over client’s foot.

$800,000 settlement of claim against financial advisor asserting fraud, improper investment advice and breach of fiduciary duties.

$1,000,000 policy limits settlement from client’s insurance company which had denied any coverage.

$1,800,000 on the sixth day of trial, settled a tortious interference and breach of contract case on behalf of client and against a major national retail chain.

$3,000,000 co-counsel in case against investment advisor that resulted in a settlement on behalf of customer of advisor due to substantial investment losses.

$6,500,000 obtained judgment following jury verdict in federal court for the Southern District of Illinois on behalf of terminated distributors of multi-national medical device company.